Our History

Creek Plantation encompasses a fully operation 14,000 acres of Farm and Timberland

It almost goes without saying that Southerners have a special feel for the land. Over half a century the Morris family has come to fully appreciate both the rewards and the challenges that land ownership and stewardship bring. We are extremely proud that our family operations create jobs that are important to rural communities and help maintain the agricultural lifestyle these areas have enjoyed since the colonial times. Some of these lands are worked by wonderful people with family ties going back generations.

Love for the land and the creatures of the earth came to Morris from his father.  That passion is shared with his family, and they all share that love. He is especially happy to see his grandchildren taking delight in farm activities and look forward to teaching them the value – both personal fiduciary – of responsible stewardship of the land. “Though we may hold deed to the lad, it is true that no man can “own” the earth, but only take care of it for a time,” emphasizes Morris.

Through the years the Morris lands have grown to encompass half a dozen plantations and farms, each with its own history, character, and purpose.

All the plantations are agribusiness operations and include Creek Plantation, purchased on March 2, 1968, by William S. Morris III, of Augusta, Georgia, Creek Plantation for the sole purpose of developing a commercial horse, cattle, and timber operation. It is located 40 miles southeast of Augusta on the Eastern bank of the Savannah River in Barnwell and Allendale counties, South Carolina where gently rolling upland hills give way to the flood plains of the Savannah River. The commercial cattle operation consists of some 2200 run on nearly 14,000 acres.

Cain Farm, purchased in 1971, this 2,530 acre property is located in Northeast of Blackville, South Carolina at the Barnwell Bamberg county line produces a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Wade, purchased in 1981, is 23,379 acres located in Screven County, Georgia, near Sylvania, and supports row crops and forestry operations. Pecans from its orchards are shipped worldwide. Other crops include peanuts, corn, cotton, soybeans, wheat. It is also utilized as a commercial hunting and timber operation. This property borders Brier Creek, where fishing for redbelly bream is a favorite pastime.

Belfast, purchased in 1984, located in Martin, South Carolina, in Allendale County, and is adjacent to Creek Plantation. This 6,589-acre property has an elegant, historic house that is the centerpiece of a heavily wooded estate and is utilized as timber management and hunting.

Millhaven, purchased in 1996, is 21,545 acres, located in Screven County, Georgia, at Bruce Creek, and is comprised of row crops, timber management, hunting, and fishing.
As you can see our land also provides great recreational opportunities for family and friends. In season, we hunt quail and dove as well as deer and turkey. We fish the ponds for bream and largemouth bass. And we gather at the dinner table to share the bounty of the land and thank the Lord for His blessings.

The Morris family has championed the Western lifestyle for generations, we are committed to keeping alive our Western Heritage and values that come with it. We sponsor equine events that the directly benefit the American Quarter Horse, too numerous to name, but include the annual Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) Youth Art Contest, SHOT World Championship, Art of the Cowgirl, etc.

Memberships – NBHA National Barrel Horse Association, ACCHA Atlantic Coast Cutting Horse Association, Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association, Forestry Association of South Carolina, Georgia Forestry Association, Ellenton Agricultural Club, Carolina Plantation Society, etc.
Awards include –

  • 2023 AQHA Best Remuda Award
  • 2018 Augusta West Rotary Club 40th Annual Louis Harris Award
  • 2019 NCHA Modine Smith Humanity Award
  • 2003 NCHA Members Hall of Fame
  • Inducted into the Texas Tech University School of Communications Mass Communications Hall of Fame
  • Greater Arts Council President’s Award for initiating a study that was instrumental in forming a downtown cultural arts corridor that enhanced revitalization of Augusta’s riverfront.
  • Established the Eminent Scholars Chair of Art at Augusta State University.
  • Established the William S. Morris Chair of Newspaper Strategy and Management at the Henry Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.